Hilarity of Vagueness

Dies Natalis ISI Yogyakarta XXXIII, Postgraduate Program

Hilarity of Vagueness

Media and Design Institute

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  • Graphic design BA
    • Specialisation in Animation
    • Specialisation in Graphic Design
    • Specialisation in Media Design
    • Specialisation in Web Design
  • Graphic Design MA

About Us

The launch of the MA course in Graphic Design at the Eszterházy Károly Catholic University in 2013 further strengthens the process that was started earlier by the start of the BA in Graphic Design. The well-acclaimed programs in education and art mediation have been thus complemented by full-time training in applied arts, further expanding the wide educational range of visual culture at the university in Eger. Due to the rapid technological and perceptual changes and the constantly changing richness of form and method in the visual life of the present era, a continuous dialogue between different ideas, experiments and schools has come about. This situation does not leave art education untouched, and the teachers and students of the institute must preserve their willingness for innovation in this environment, fitting the courage of experimentation with professional integrity. The most important goal is that the students not only acquire comprehensive knowledge of contemporary visuality ─ thus becoming media literate and media-conscious professionals ─, but that they will be able to give autonomous, mature responses of artistic quality to the challenges of not only the present but the yet unpredictable changes of the future. In the BA training at the Media and Design Institute, students earn solid professional foundations in the specific fields of graphic design, web design, animation, or media design. Students acquire theoretical and technological knowledge related to general visual issues, which can be further developed in the Master’s program based on the BA training, and generate a mature, autonomous designer attitude.

The focus of our BA training is to establish the position of the students in the market while providing them with the opportunity for further education. After completing the training and acquiring the respective technical knowledge, our graduates are able to produce print or multimedia works and design graphics, visuals, and illustrations, create 2D and 3D animations, products design, and graphics. They also obtain the ability to design and develop websites, applications, media, and vari­ous graphic and animation solutions for economic operators with an artistic sense and creativity. Our MA graduates, as digital artists, can be involved in design and realization processes on a high level and become qualified to manage them. We aim to establish an autonomous, creative attitude in our students that enables them to deal with the challenges of our time independently. They must have solid professional foundations and methods in graphic design and its associated fields. We also consider it essential to develop experimental behavior and create creative responsibility and a life­long research attitude.

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