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Hilarity of Vagueness

Publikáció: 2017. június 19. hétfő

Dies Natalis ISI Yogyakarta XXXIII, Postgraduate Program: Hilarity of Vagueness
Postgraduate Program Indonesia Institute of The Art Yogyakarta
Exhibitor students: Melinda Antal, Angéla Erdős, Anikó Mező, Mónika Rudics, Balázs Szemmelroth, Tamás Vajdics

Hilarity of Vagueness

Understanding art and design in contemporer context is an issue that exists today. There are so many contemporer cases of which our concern, for example, speed, distance, culture, environment and much more. Furthermore, artists and designers have to know what they are striving for, what is being in the future and how bringing creativity into their work or product. So, artists and designers must have a forecast at the future time and after that, they must to translated for a problem in the present time. This condition is expected by the world today, produce an alternative way of thinking to be able to conduct a better life.
This exhibition based on what is Papanek (1958) said about \"social responsibility and moral judgment\". However, understanding of social responsibility also moral judgment and then translating into art and design thinking is not to be an easy way. They need a deep of experiences and do some explanation of the world is through their artwork or design. Through their artwork and designs, it is hoped the world knows what is happening since today until faced at the future time and can provide a better way of thinking.

Consultant teachers:
Süli-Zakar Szabolcs
Szigeti Gábor Csongor

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